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Godrej, over 120 years young

Our story began as part of India's Swadeshi movement -
the original 'Make in India' movement.

Key to success
Ardeshir Godrej, after a few failed
ventures, sets up a lock company. For him,
the key to success turns out to be locks.
World's first vegetable
oil soap
We launch Chavi, the first soap in the
world to be made without animal fat.
We score not only for Swadeshi, but
also ahimsa.
Endorsed by our
freedom fighters
Our products are endorsed by stalwarts
like Annie Besant and Rabindranath
Tagore. Mahatma Gandhi, in a letter to a
favour seeking competitor, says: "I hold
my brother Godrej in such high regard
that if your enterprise is likely to harm
him in any way, I regret very much that I
cannot give you my blessings.
After locks and soap, we foray into furniture with almirahs (steel cupboards). Over the years, it becomes a tradition of sorts to gift a Godrej almirah to newly weds.
The then Government of Bombay auctions
Vikhroli village to Pirojsha Godrej. Over the
next 50 years, Vikhroli transforms into a
green, industrial township that cares for its
people and the environment.
Safest Safes
A devastating explosion at the Bombay
docks leaves terrible carnage in its wake.
Among the few things to survive the blast
are Godrej safes.
Ballot boxes for India's
first elections
We were thrilled to make 1.7 million ballot
boxes for India’s first steps as a democracy.
K. R. Thanewalla remembers, "I know that
our best was around 22000 ballot
boxes per day! We would be at the plant
from quarter to seven onwards and rarely
left before midnight.
Cinthol is launched on the Indian
Independence Day. Together with Godrej
No.1, Cinthol makes us the second largest
soap player in India.
In many parts of India, as the saying goes,
there are three seasons: hot, hotter, hottest.
We make a strong entry into the home
appliances market with our first
Hair Colour
Our first hair colour product, a liquid hair
dye, is a runaway success. We build on
this and introduce a series of innovative
hair care products through the years,
becoming a leading player in Asia, Africa
and Latin America.
We establish Godrej Properties, which
brings the Group's philosophy of
innovation and excellence to the real
estate industry in India.
Godrej Agrovet is incorporated.
A diversified, Research & Development
backed agri-business company, it is
dedicated to addressing India's key
agricultural crises.
We acquire Translektra. With market
leading brands such as Good Knight and
Hit, we continue to protect against
malaria and be the number one player in
the household insecticides category in
India and Indonesia.
Godrej completes a
We celebrate our 100th birthday and
remind ourselves that we are only as
good as what we do next.
Gourmet Retail
We foray into gourmet retail with the
launch of Godrej Nature’s Basket. India's
foremost retail destination for fine foods
from across the world, we have a growing
presence today with over 30
premium stores.
India's mission to the
India sends Chandrayaan-1, its first
unmanned mission to the moon, becoming
the fifth nation to do so. We are proud of
our engineering expertise that helps build
the launch vehicle and lunar orbiter for
the mission.
Planet Godrej: Sustainable
living in the heart of
Planet Godrej, a skyscraper in Mumbai's
Mahalaxmi, is a great example of
sustainable development. With 8 out of 9
acres dedicated to landscaped gardens, we
offer our clients the most difficult thing to
find in Mumbai - space.
Good & Green
We articulate our commitment towards
building a more inclusive and greener
India. By 2020, we aspire to create a more
employable Indian workforce, build a
greener India, and innovate for 'good'
and 'green' products.
We enter the Indonesian market by
acquiring P.T. Megasari Makmur, a leading
home and personal player, now our
largest international business.
Omnivore Partners
We become an anchor investor
in Omnivore Partners, a venture capital firm
that invests in early stage agricultural
technology start ups in India.
Godrej India Culture Lab
The Godrej India Culture Lab is set up
as a fluid, experimental space that
cross-pollinates ideas and people to
explore what it means to be modern and
We significantly ramp up our presence in
Africa and step into 14 new countries by
acquiring the Darling Group, a leader in
hair extensions.
Small solution to a big
At just one rupee per card, the paper-based
Good Knight Fast Card drives penetration
for products that help prevent malaria.
Foray into air care
We made our independent foray into the air care category with Godrej aer, a premium innovation for cars and homes. A delightful and quirky brand, aer aims to bring alive consumer experiences to enhance their personal space, either at home or in the car.
India's mission to Mars
We are proud to partner with the
Indian Space Research Organisation on
India's first mission to Mars. Godrej
Aerospace engines power the Polar
Satellite Launch Vehicle and our
precision components calculate the
satellite's trajectory to the millisecond.
Godrej One
Godrej Properties and Pelli Clarke Pelli
Architects create Godrej One, our new
global headquarters at Vikhroli in
Nadir Godrej Centre for
Animal R&D
One of the first private sector investments
in improving the efficiency of animal
agriculture in India, the Nadir Godrej Centre
for Animal R&D leads cutting-edge research
Sure Chill
Over half the world's vaccines get spoiled
due to lack of cooling. So, we collaborate
with Sure Chill, UK, to create a solution that
cools vaccines even during power outages.
Our Mangroves clean
Mumbai's air
We are proud to own and care for the
largest privately managed belt of
Mangroves in Mumbai, since 1943.
Estimates suggest that our Mangroves
make the air in Vikhroli 30 to 40%
better than the rest of the city.
Goodknight personal repellents
We made a foray into outdoor and personal repellent category under our flagship brand, Goodknight. The range includes innovative formats that are easy to use, and protect against dengue and chikungunya mosquitoes outdoors.
BBLUNT Salon Secret
BBLUNT, India's premier hair salon, today announced the launch of 'Salon Secret' – a new at-home hair colour range with a special shine formula called 'Shine Tonic'. The hair colour range, comprising 7 most salon-requested shades, was created keeping in mind Indian hair texture, skin tone and weather.
Acquiring Strength of Nature
As a further step to scaling up our presence in Africa, we invest in Strength of Nature (SON), to serve the hair care needs of women of African descent. SON, a USA-based company with a significant presence in Africa and the Caribbean, is one of the fastest growing companies in the hair care category for women of African descent.
Godrej Agrovet is publicly listed
Godrej Agrovet Limited is listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange and the National Stock Exchange
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